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In this Rootine review, we are going to look at the company, Rootine Vitamins. This will be an exhaustive review that will cover who the company is, what it is doing, who needs its services, and the best selling products on the company’s website. There will also be a FAQ section to answer some of the readers most pressing questions.

This  will conclude by providing a quick overview of the company’s website. This overview will cover website features that include layout, making orders and payments on the website, privacy terms, customer service, and online support.

Rootine Review – Should I Buy Rootine Vitamins?

Who Are Rootine?

Rootine Vitamins is a company that specializes in the creation of science backed, customized vitamins and nutrition reports that are based on an individual’s DNA, lifestyle, and blood analysis. The company conducts genetic testing on individuals so that they know if they have any nutrient deficiencies that are having an adverse effect on their health.

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What are They Doing at

rootine review

Rootine is a fresher personalized nutritional enhancement manufacturer. They modify each item they ship to meet the novel needs of each client. Rootine ships their item in single-serve sachet packets with the client’s name on it. To get your customized multivitamins formulated, Rootine expects clients to round out a basic health questionnaire.

The company tests you, identifies any problems or deficiencies, and delivers these reports to you with actionable recommendations on what you need to live your best life.

Who will Need their Personalized Vitamin Services?

Everyone who wants to understand how their specific genetics plays into their nutritional requirements and weight management is going to require this company’s services

Best Selling Products at

rootine coupon codeIn this section, the reader will get a better understanding of the company’s best selling products. Here, readers will get to see the features, prices, and benefits of each of the products. This section is meant to inform readers on some of the company’s products that are suitable for their needs.

  1. Rootine DNA Test Kit & Blood Nutrient Test

The Rootine DNA test will analyse 50 genes that are known to influence individual nutritional needs, while the blood nutrient test uses advanced metabolite technology to determine how nutrients function in your body.

The results of these tests will guide dosing for personalized vitamins, as well as help generate accurate and comprehensive weight management reports. This Rotine DNA blood test package costs $304.

What Can Rootine DNA Test Tell You?

Rootine is based on the premise of furnishing clients with the most targeted supplement formulation based upon their genetic and metabolic profile. It’s why these data are required. It can tell you:

  • Your nutritional needs

By taking a gander at your genes, they can decide whether you have to take extra calcium for bone health on the off chance that you need more minerals to assist with detoxification if you need a more significant level of antioxidants to help secure your body against cell damage, and substantially more.

A Gene Example: 33% of the population has a genetic variation on 1 or both of the copies of their GPX-1 gene, increasing their selenium prerequisites.

Your genes also reveal on the off chance that you have lower necessities than average for a variety of factors, such as maintaining metabolism or eye health. If your genes are normal, your nutrient prerequisites may be lower than the doses found in your standard multivitamin.

  • Nutrients You Should Avoid

Your DNA shows if there are explicit nutrients that can be harmful to you or have no impact on your body, therefore harming your wallet. For example, on the off chance that you have a variation on the HFE gene, it is recommended that avoid iron supplements. Similarly, on the off chance that you have a variation on the NQO1 gene, taking coenzyme Q10 won’t affect and be a waste of cash.

  • Nutrient Forms That Work Best For You

Certain nutrient forms work better for certain individuals and your DNA helps figure out which structure will work the best for your body. Folate is one example and picking between folic acid versus methyl folate relying upon your MTHFR gene. For individuals with double MTHFR gene mutations, methyl folate is the favored structure.

  • The Dosage That Is Right For You

The correct dose matters concerning vitamins. You don’t want to consistently take pretty much anything or a lot of any nutrient. DNA helps to decide the best dosage for you.

How do the Rootine DNA Test Work?

The blood nutrient test and the DNA test are at home tests that can be completed within five minutes. The Blood Nutrient Test will require you to prick your finger in order to draw blood. The test also requires a dried urine sample. On the other hand, the DNA test is a non-invasive cheek swab.

These tests are then analysed in the company’s licensed medical genetics lab, and the results are presented to you in your account.

When will get Result from a Rootine At-home DNA Test?

Analysis can take 3-5 weeks from the day the company’s lab receives your test. If you have already taken a test with other genetic testing companies such as and 23andMe, you can upload the data into your RootineVitamins account, and processing shall begin. This normally takes 48 hours.

Once analysis is complete for either option, you will receive the vitamin shipment within two weeks

What will the Rootine DNA Test tell me?

The Rootine DNA test will tell you which of the 52 gene variants that affect nutrient needs in your body work well, and which ones do not. You will also get to see which nutrients you need more of, and which ones you need to cut back on.

  1. Rootine Personalized Vitamins

These are customized multivitamin packs that come with the right nutrients and doses for your personal nutritional needs, which are based on the analysis of your lifestyle, blood, and DNA. These vitamins come with enhanced absorption thanks to their microbead technology that is slow release.

Why do I need Rootine Personalized Vitamins?

You need personalized vitamins because your lifestyle, genetics, and blood status all have an impact on your nutritional needs. Generic multivitamins do not take into account any of these biological differences, and consuming them might lead to harmful effects on health, or have no health impact at all.

What is Vitamin Microbeads?

Rootine utilizes microbeads pills that can be absorbed optimally and also release gradually in your system. The microbead conveyance system was created for more than three years. They help give exact dosing, as well as optimal bioavailability. Despite their small size, they are moderate releasing (12 hours), which means you’ll get your nutrients throughout the day, rather than all without a moment’s delay and crash during your 3 P.M. workday. The microbeads are easy to swallow and act almost like eating food rather than the traditional pill structure. The microbeads have a fun, crispy surface that makes them delectable when combined with your favorite breakfast nourishments like cereal or yogurt. Microbeads are another type of vitamin that has been created by Rootine’s team of top scientists and medical specialists over the past 3+ years. Microbeads take care of many of the issues that other forms of vitamins create.

Rootine gives up to 18 essential vitamins and minerals. The microbead formula can incorporate various levels of Phytosterols, Vitamin B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, magnesium hydroxide, Vitamin D3, calcium carbonate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Manganese, copper sulfate, iron, and others. Check this video to know how to take your personalized daily vitamin packs by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, co-founder of Rootine:

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  1. Rootine Weight Management Report

This is an exhaustive report on how you need to eat, exercise, and go about weight management based on your individual genetic profile. This report is normally at least 150 pages long, and you get a free 45 minute nutrition consultation as part of the package. Also included is a Rootine DNA test. The cost of this weight management report is $275.

How Rootine Vitamins Works:

Rootine Vitamins works by first ordering the test from the company’s website. The tests are analysed at the company’s laboratory, and the results are presented to you. The last step is the personalization and recommendation stage where the results are broken down for you, and you get to see where the deficiencies lie, and what can be done to improve them. The company will provide you with custom vitamins ideal for your particular nutrition needs.

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Rootine Vitamins FAQs:

Is my information private?

Your data is 100% private and secure. The company’s laboratory is governed by strict medical and data privacy laws.

Why is Rootine Vitamins Better than other Vitamin Subscription Services?

Unlike other vitamin subscription services, Rootine Vitamins is perfectly customized to your exact needs. This is because it compares your DNA, lifestyle data, and blood levels to hundreds of independent scientific reports.

In addition, Rootine vitamins provide maximum nutrient absorption, have no fillers, are easy to take, and are convenient to carry around.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout review

The layout of Rootine Vitamins ( is simple, professional, and visually appealing thanks to the font size, and colour variations. All of these features make the website easy to navigate for both new and returning visitors.

The link to the company’s store can be found at the top of the homepage. You will also get to see how the test works from the homepage.

Order and Payment

Ordering and paying for products is done on the website. After selecting your preferred tests, you will be redirected to the payment page where you will be required to enter your personal and payment details as well as authorize payment from your preferred payment option.

Once the payment goes through, you will receive an email confirming your purchase along with further details in regards to shipping.


All of your information is kept 100% private and secure. The company has a strict, ‘ no share, ever’ data policy that ensures your data is never shared or sold. In addition, the company employs server bifurcation and data QR encryption to protect your data.

Customer Service & Online Support

At the bottom of the homepage you will find the company’s ‘Contact’ page where you can find details on how to contact the company. There is also a FAQ page where you can look for answers to other customers questions regarding the company’s products. You can also reach out to the company using its social media handles.

Rootine Review – Is Rootine Vitamins Legit?

Pros and Cons of Rootine Vitamins:


  • The main multivitamin you have to take
  • Present-day logical algorithms supported by many years of exploration
  • Slow-discharge microbeads are increasingly natural for us to assimilate, similar to genuine food
  • Just the most elevated evaluation veggie-lover supplements are utilized
  • Contains vitamins, especially A, C, E, and K


  • Expects testing to get your vitamins contrasted with nonexclusive organizations
  • Subscription plan may up to $60/month

Indeed it is. All of its products are third party tested for effectiveness and reliability. All of its solutions are research backed. In addition, the company conducts all of its tests in an advanced medical genetics lab. Furthermore, all of the information you provide to the company including health and payment information is kept 100% private and secure.

Should I Buy Rootine Daily Nutrient Packs?

Indeed you should buy Rootine Vitamins in order to get a customized solution to your nutritional needs. Hurry and purchase now so that you can get a 10% OFF Rootine coupon code that gives you a discount on your purchase.

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How to Redeem Rootine Coupon Code?

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