LetsGetChecked Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit Review & Coupon

Vitamins are the chemicals that are required by the body to grow and work properly. These special molecules help in many body functions and without them, many essential processes could not be carried out in the body. Food is the only source of vitamins for humans. Improper diet and unhealthy life choices could cause long-term vitamin deficiency that leads to many medical conditions in the body. In this LetsGetChecked vitamin deficiency test kit review, we’ll examine their self test kits for basic vitamins, vitamin B12, vitamin D, Folate, Omega 3…etc and why these kits are important and why they are necessary.

LetsGetChecked Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit Review

What is Vitamin Deficiency Test?

Vitamin deficiency test is the special test that is performed for testing the status of any particular or different vitamins in the body. This test is either available for specific vitamin, or in combination.

Can You be Tested for Vitamin Deficiency?

Yes, you can get tested for vitamin deficiency. There are many companies that offer vitamin deficiency test. LetsGetChecked is one of them. The company offers several vitamin test kits that you can order online and receive them at your doorstep. You need to take your sample by the prescribed way and send it back to the company, where your sample will be tested and the results are delivered to your email.

Best LetsGetChecked Vitamin Deficiency Self Test Kits:

Here are the best Vitamin deficiency test kits from Letsgetchecked.com that can help you to know your vitamin levels.

  1. LetsGetChecked Basic Vitamin

Vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate deficiency could lead to disturbances in the body and this test will tell you the status of these nutrients.

Vitamin D is required for the development and growth of bones and teeth. Low level of this vitamin could cause osteoporosis, bone issues, and calcium malabsorption. Weakness, tiredness, and fatigue are also the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin B12 and folate lead to anemia and fatigue.

What Does It Test for?

This LetsGetChecked Basic Vitamin test will look for vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate serum deficiencies.

Effects of vitamin D deficiency: calcium absorption, the strength of bones, and osteoporosis prevention.

Effects of Folate and Vitamin B 12 Deficiency: Affect metabolism and RBCs’ strength thus cause fatigue and anemia.

Who Should Use Basic Vitamin Test?

People who should get this test are:

  • Vegetarians as they don’t take animal
  • A depressed person – as these nutrients help fighting depression.
  • People who feel tired and fatigue should get tested.
  • Women who are trying to become pregnant as these vitamins are important for fetus health.


  1. LetsGetChecked Vitamin D Check

Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine Vitamin. The body absorbs sunlight to gain vitamin D. It regulates calcium and phosphorus absorption along with immune system facilitation. This vitamin is required for bone and teeth development. It also prevents osteoporosis. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with seasonal adjustment disorder that causes weakness, tiredness, and fatigue.

Who Should Use LetsGetChecked Vitamin D Check?

Following people should get tested:

  • One who feels tired and weak most of the time
  • Vegetarians
  • Women who want to conceive


  1. LetsGetChecked Vitamin B12 Check

LetsGetChecked at home Vitamin B12 test kit

Vitamin B12 is the water-soluble vitamin. When it is present in an excessive amount in the body, it usually secreted out in urine. Its major roles in the body are maintaining brain function and forming RBCs. Other than these, it aids in DNA synthesis and regulation. Temporary infertility also occurs due to its deficiency.

Who Should Use LetsGetChecked Vitamin B12 Check?

People who feel weak and fatigue should get tested along with vegans and the women who wish to get pregnant.


  1. LetsGetChecked Folate Check

LetsGetChecked Folate self test kit

Folate is also known as folic acid and Vitamin B9. It works in combination with vitamin C and Vitamin B12 to make, break, and utilize proteins. Folate also helps in generation of RBCs and WBCs and aids in DNA and RNA production.

It is the test that tells about the levels of Folate in blood. Its decreased levels lead to anemia (blood deficiency). Also, its increased blood level could cause pernicious anemia and deficiency of vitamin B12.

Who Should Use LetsGetChecked Folate Check?

People who should get tested are:

  • Women who are trying to conceive
  • Pregnant women
  • One who had gastrointestinal surgery of any kind
  • One who is suffering from Crohn’s disease or celiac disease
  • Vegans or vegetarians
  • Alcoholic person
  • A person having anemia symptoms
  • A person who is vitamin B12 deficient
  • One who gets seizures or uses anti-convulsing drugs
  1. LetsGetChecked Omega 3 Check

LetsGetChecked Omega 3 Check test review

Omega 3 has many benefits as it reduces the clotting risk, prevents heartbeat irregularity, makes blood less sticky, and improves cholesterol levels. Omega 3 is mostly utilized to treat joint pain and stiffness as it is used with anti-inflammatory drugs to enhance their efficacy.

This LetsGetChecked test kit checks blood for eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to see the levels of omega 3 and omega 6 in the body.

What Does It Test for?

This test checks for the levels of the following chemicals in the body:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Omega 6 fatty acids

Who Should  Use LetsGetChecked Omega 3 Check?

You should get tested if:

  • You want to eat healthily
  • Your skin, hair, and nails seem to have low quality
  • A person who feel tired all the time
  • You are vegan or vegetarian

How to Test for Vitamin Deficiency at Home?

If you are using vitamin deficiency test kit from LetsGetChecked then you only need to prick your finger. They only require a small sample of blood to get tested.

Watch this video to know how use Letsgetcheck vitamin deficiency test kit to collect your blood sample at home:


When Will I Get the Vitamin Deficiency Test Result?

You need to return the blood sample in the supplied packaging. After you do that, your result will be available within 5 days on your password-protected account. If the test turned out positive, you will be directed for consultation.

Ease of Use

The kits from LetsGetCheck.com are really easy to use and follow. All the steps are very simple. You need to collect your sample and send it back to their lab. Rest of the work will be done by the company then. You will get your results within five days at your home. You don’t have to leave your house or wait in the waiting room of the lab to know your vitamin status.

Quick LetsGetChecked.com Reviews:

Let’s have a quick LetsGetChecked.com review:

Website Layout

LetsGetChecked vitamin deficiency test kit review

The website letsgetchecked.com is very simple and easy to navigate. Its main menu contains options like General Health, Sexual Health, Cancer Screening, Fertility and Hormone, and How it Works. In every option, there’s a drop-down menu from where you can select the test of the specified category.

Shopping Processing

Select the product that you want to buy. When you make your selection, click on “Add to Cart” button and proceed to checkout. Now create your account and enter other details to place your order successfully.

Order & Payment

You can easily place the order of your vitamin deficiency kit online. Letsgetchecked.com offers many different payment options for the ease of the customers. You can use PayPal or any of the credit card of Visa, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and others.

Customer Service

The customer service agents of letsgetchecked.com are highly proficient and ready to help their customers instantly. If you have any query related to their tests, you can call them at +1 929376 0056. Or you can fill in the form present at https://www.letsgetchecked.com/us/en/contact-us/. You can also send the email at support@letsgetchecked.com.

LetsGetCheck Test Kit Review – Bottom Line

Should I Buy LetsGetChecked Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit?

If you feel dull and low mostly, then vitamin deficiency test is a must thing for you. You should buy it from letsgetchecked.com because their rates are awesome along with their services. The LetsGetChecked kit reaches your home and you can easily get your vitamin level tested without leaving your premises.

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How to Order LetsGetChecked Vitamin Deficiency Self Test Kit?

When you want to order your vitamin deficiency self test, you can always order from us. Please use our LetsGetChecked coupon codes to get a special discount when you place your order.

How to Redeem LetsGetChecked Vitamin Test Kit Coupon Code?

To redeem the LetsGetChecked coupon code, you simply need to enter in the special Lets Get Checked promo code when prompted to do so on Letsgetchecked.com.

(LetsGetChecked Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit Review & Coupon)

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