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Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins

What are Vitamins?

Vitamins are the organic compounds that are needed by humans to live a healthy life. Vitamins are required by the body in very minute quantities but their deficiency can lead to severe health problems. Humans are unable to make their own vitamins and require proper diet to fulfill their needs.

Universally, there are thirteen vitamins; Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Every vitamin has its own source and importance.

What are the Characteristics of Vitamins?

There are three major characteristics of vitamins:

  1. They are present in foods naturally but their quantity is very less.
  2. They are needed to carry out many physiological functions in the body like reproduction and growth.
  3. Their deficiency and absence in daily diet can lead to serious health conditions.

Why We Need to Take Vitamins?

For the normal development and growth, vitamins are very important. When the development of a person starts in the mother’s body, vitamins are highly necessary as they assist in numerous chemical reactions that are important for the growth of bone, skin and muscle. If there is deficiency of any vitamin, permanent damage may occur.

Even after the body is completely developed, need of vitamins remains important as they help in maintaining cells and tissues structures, facilitating different chemical reactions and processing carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Vitamins are also important because their deficiency can lead to many health issues. Here given are the known vitamins along with their deficiency diseases:

  • Vitamin A: Hyperkeratosis, Night blindness, and Keratomalacia
  • Vitamin B1: Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome and Beriberi
  • Vitamin B12: Megaloblastic anemia
  • Vitamin B2: Angular stomatitis, Ariboflavinosis, and Glossitis
  • Vitamin B3: Pellagra
  • Vitamin B5: Paresthesia
  • Vitamin B6: Peripheral neuropathy, and Anemia
  • Vitamin B7: Dermatitis, and Enteritis
  • Vitamin B9: Megaloblastic anemia and during pregnancy its deficiency can cause neural tube defects
  • Vitamin C: Scurvy
  • Vitamin D: Osteomalacia and Rickets
  • Vitamin E: Mild hemolytic anemia in infants, sterility in males and abortions in females
  • Vitamin K: Bleeding diathesis

How to Use Vitamins?

Vitamins can be obtained from the food that we eat like orange, liver, carrot, spinach are good source of vitamin A and dairy products contain vitamin B2. Every vitamin occurs naturally in different food sources but as their quantities are really small, it becomes important to take vitamin supplements. There are many companies that provide vitamin supplements and even multi-vitamin dosages to fulfill the daily requirement of vitamins by the body. If your diet lacks lots of fruits and vegetables then you must go for these supplements.

Best Online Vitamin Stores

Discounted vitamins and mineral supplements can be found in many different places at the present time and Google can show you hundreds of them if you want. And for your convenience, here are some of the top vitamin websites now.

Botanic Choice

Botanic Choice has already been in the business of supplying fresh herbs, various herbal products, and nutritional supplements since 1910. The company was introduced under the name Indiana Botanic Gardens Inc by founder Joseph E. Meyer. Up to this moment, the leadership of Tim Cleland who is the grandson of Joseph E. Meyer changed the name into “Botanic Choice” which is now the largest seller of herbal products around the world.

Jigsaw Health

An online store is what Jigsaw Health is and it gives premium type of dietary supplements which gives attention to sustained release technology. It guarantees a 90-day duration for your money to be refunded if ever that you are not satisfied with their products.

At very good products from different customers can be hand and in there you can also find Jigsaw magnesium which is a premium form of magnesium that keeps up the level of magnesium in your body. You can also find the probiotics that can keep the balance of your immune system. Also, digestive enzymes can be found in here which can assist you on digesting foods that are hard to break down.

Additionally, omega heart products can also be found at Products that promote overall mental acuity can also be acquired there for your concentration to improve as well as your thought processing. You can call them or order online for your orders because they have to tool fee if you do so.

Jigsaw Health is therefore a great store for your nutrient needs because it has that wide variety of helpful and useful supplements for your health.

New Vitality

The New Vitality has established its company in 1993 and is now taking the lead on nutritional supplements. Products of which are promoted via radio shows in Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony through Ed Mcmahon who is a celebrity and Tony Gwynn who is an athlete and a hall of fame in baseball. It has undergone a very tough process on quality control for sure potency level, authenticity and quality.

911 Health Shop is the arm of Bloomington, Indiana-based Platinum Strategies Inc’s e-commerce marketing. 911 Health Shop specializes in health care, fitness, body products, pets, nutrition and other group of family.

Herbs Pro is the most comprehensive website of herbal supplements and health care around the world. Potency and purity of herbal products are guaranteed in since their products are in great quality with a price that is not costly like in store brands that usually offers discount. Prices are always discounted compared to local a store that makes it a better option.

ReNew Life

Brenda Watson and Stan established Renew Life in the year 1997 and has become one of the nation’s leading companies that provide natural digestive health, internal cleansing and detoxification. She is the author of 5 books on the same topic and has helped millions of people in living a longer life, healthier live, improved ingestion which is part of her many appearances and radio including seminars.

You will find the different variety of products at which is of high quality and affordable prices that would help on the maintenance of your mental and physical health. In here, full range of intestinal formulas, daily fiber supplements, omega oils, weight management, digestive enzymes and others can also be found. The most recent advancement in natural healthcare is also present in their products at the present time. Products at are made with the formulas that can keep your mind, health and system complete.

Healthy Directions

This is the number one provider of the first doctor-formulated nutritional supplements, expert natural health guidance and products. This was launched in the year 1976 with 500 products that ranges from the most popular patented Omega Q Plus, digestive probiotics, natural skin care products, pain relief and much more.

The extensive research with proven results from the team of Dr Sinatra, Dr Whitaker, Dr DavidWilliams, Dr Lark and Dr Tabor was drawn before the extensive research.

Pro Health is a company that is promoting proactive health as it gives nutritional supplements and other health products. The other health products of ProHealth can be had in their website and mail order catalogue. A wide variety of health products including nutritional supplements for detoxification, stress management, health of the heart and etc are carried by the website.

How Much Vitamin Should You Take?

Vitamins are the organic compounds that are needed by the body for normal growth and development. Their deficiency can cause serious health problems. How much vitamin you need daily and how much you are actually taking? The answer of this question is dependent on what you eat and how old are you but before knowing the right quantities, you should know what these nutritional terms means.

To know the correct quantities, you must know the following terms:

RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowance: It is the amount of vitamins or other nutrients that are considered as adequate to fulfill the daily dietary needs according to the person’s sex and age group.

AI or Adequate Intake: It is the recommended intake value constructed on experimentally found or observed estimates of nutrient intake by a group of healthy people that is considered adequate.

UL or Tolerable Upper Intake Level: It is the maximum amount of nutrients to consume in a day without having any side effects or risk of overdose.

DV or Daily Value: It is the number that you find on food labels. It is the amount that a person must take from 2,000 calories-a-day diet to attain good health.

All these terms are created so that we can take the nutrients in the amount that is necessary to construct the body positively. Taking lower than recommended quantity can lead to deficiency while taking more than the adequate value can cause serious health problems too.

Here given are the vitamins with their Recommended Dietary Allowance and Tolerable Upper Intake Level. The values given are for the adult of age 19-70. For the people who are under 19 and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot take these values as their optimum.

You must monitor your diet to see whether you are taking these vitamins in the recommended quantities or not. If you find that you lack any essential vitamin in your diet, you should check its source and start having it. If you don’t find the food source in your market, you can always go for the dietary supplements. Mostly, they are not very expensive and one dose is enough to fulfill the daily dietary need of the particular vitamin. You can also find many multi-vitamin supplements too in the market today. Your health is in your hands; have a healthy life by adding vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Vitamins are very important to have a healthy life. It is necessary to take vitamins in adequate quantity daily. If you find your diet deficient of any food source then you must opt the second option of dietary supplements that is easily available. These supplements can also help you if you are allergic to any particular kind of food. Enjoy the life at its full with good health by making healthy eating choices.

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